Welcome, please allow us to provide excellent product designs from concept to completion with affordable pricing, quality parts, materials, and workmanship while maintaining expedient delivery.  We never accept projects that interfere with previous delivery promises without being completely honest about when we can deliver. We desire to deliver on-time with a commitment to the highest product quality possible.

We strive to provide more than just standard design and manufacturing needs. We enjoy the creativity that is necessary so many engineering solutions. Our engineering staff has more than 20+ years of experience in manufacturing design technologies and will do intensive research to keep ahead of current technological trends.  We strive to use the latest software for design efficiency and make every project reflect a quality finish. We feel it is necessary to provide detailed drawings, simulations, and documentation to give our customer's "peace of mind" when taking the next step to marketing. We have a wide range of engineering solutions for many different areas design and development and we can tailor to your requirements providing 3rd party CE compliance and certification.

Design and manufacturing areas include:
Refrigeration, HVAC, motion control, PCB design, analog and digital circuit design and simulation, microcontrollers and data acquisitions, P&IDs, electrical controls and panels, PLCs with HMIs, optical layouts, vibration control, active noise cancellation, laser safety solutions, UV water and air filtration, fluid temperature and pressure control, 3-D prototyping with metal, sheet metal, plastics, and rubber. We also research energy production systems through wave, sunlight, wind, and differential temperature environments. We believe your business with us will help us provide energy solutions for the future of our children and provide jobs and a healthy environment for living better lives today and tomorrow.
Please email us with your questions or proposals and we will contact you immediately. We are a Christian owned business and humbly desire to provide honest wholesome solutions with a servant's heart. We would love to be a part of your success!!
Please call us and let us help you with your needs!!
Electro Mechanical Prototype Designs